Exciting product updates this Summer

Discover the exciting summer product updates from Wrepit! Experience the power of the game-changing Excel2Word Microsoft Add-in, plus more!


  • Game changing Excel2Word Microsoft Add-in
  • Improvements to Quote on Image/Image Good Pauses
  • Longer word allowance for Quotes and texts in KPIs
  • Addition of Beta "Financial Tables: Fixed Layout"
  • Recognizing financial table columns containing references to notes

As we approach the summer break in the Nordics, it's a great opportunity to look back on all the accomplishments we've made since last summer. Our product team has been hard at work, listening to Authors, grouping support calls into insights along with other learnings all in aim to make the Wrepit experience quicker and easier each time.


One of our most significant developments since last summer is the "Excel2Word by Wrepit" Microsoft add-in. Our add-in seamlessly integrates tables from Excel into your source document in Microsoft Word, speeding up your workflows by simplifying table updates and minimizing friction between finance and communication departments. Your MS Word file can then be uploaded to our portal, generating a beautiful online financial report and PDF.

Gif of E2W add-in in work


We have made several key improvements to our other add-in, "Wrepit Highlights." Firstly, we have reexamined the image cropping capabilities when inserting a Good Pause with an image or quote on the image. This gives our authors the ability to preview their crops in both desktop and mobile within the add-in before inserting the image, eliminating unnecessary double and right clicks. By making the Good Pause inline in nature, we have also increased its tolerance, making the feature much more forgiving. Additionally, we have enabled longer quotes and text in KPIs and other design elements, providing our authors with more control and freedom over the final output.

Gif of Good Pause new image cropping


Updates in the portal include more design options in the aesthetics of the tables outputted in the final online publication and PDF. We have also launched a beta feature called "Financial Tables: Fixed Layout," which standardizes the widths of all number columns in your tables. Lastly, we have introduced a "change-log" in the portal, which serves as a quick reference point for authors to see the new features and updates we have implemented.

For our financial reporting customers, we now offer the feature of recognizing financial table columns containing references to notes. In their "Note" column, which contains pure numbers in Excel/Word, the numbers are converted into useful links directly to the corresponding note chapters in their report, helping users navigate their reports effectively.

We would like to thank each one of our Authors for your support and contribution to making Wrepit even better. We could not have gotten this far without you, and we have some amazing new releases for after the Summer. We wish you a restful summer vacation filled with relaxation, sunshine, family, and friends.

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