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Find out how Wrepit works in under a minute

Discover how quick, easy and powerful Wrepit is to use. This simple workflow results in an engaging online financial report and a well designed PDF.


What our customers say

  • klp

    “KLP has saved both time and money, cutting more than 70% of time spent producing reports.

  • argentum

    “Wrepit annual reports are more engaging to read and easier to navigate than a PDF.”

  • sparebank 1 ringerike hadeland-1

    “Wrepit has increased our productivity, because we can do adjustments without any 3rd parties.”

  • norconsult

    No more having colleagues ask, 'Which version are you on now?'

  • selvaag

    “Wrepit's Excel2Word add-in seamlessly integrated over 100 tables from Excel to Word, ensuring data accuracy and simplifying updates”

Ideal for readers in the digital age

Infuse your content with animated KPIs, stand out quotes, interactive graphs and tables to keep your audience engaged.

Wrepit Portal workspace design settings

Design made easy

Automatic design means you can focus solely on your content, and we'll deliver a beautiful report with your brand.


Single URL distribution

Share your private publications securely. Always up to date, no more revision chaos.


Icons visualising safe single URL distribution
Screenshot showing how Wrepit prioritises accessibility with alt-text, text to speech and keyboard navigation

Accessible for everyone, always

Become WCAG compliant with user-friendly navigation, image descriptions, and screen reader support.

Screenshot showing how Wrepit prioritises accessibility with alt-text, text to speech and keyboard navigation

Transform Reports with Grid-Layout

  • Transform your reports with dynamic, visually appealing structures.
  • Tailor your reports with customization options
  • Incorporate images seamlessly for visually appealing galleries or personal showcases.
  • Customizable templates to inspire your report design, available for download.




Even if you are not completely convinced, contact us for a 20-minute informal demo.
20 minutes that in the long run could save you hundreds of hours and thousands in budget.
Book a demo and we will customise it to be relevant and valuable for you. You won't regret it.