Wrepit Webinar: Easy Financial Reporting

Missed our webinar on easy financial reporting? Read our blog post now to get a summary of the key takeaways and learn how to simplify your financial reporting process.

To kick off the new year, on the 17th of January, we hosted our very first webinar that focused on:

  • How we use client feedback to solve obstacles and pain points that come up in conversations with clients
  • Real-life experiences with Wrepit from one of our biggest clients, KLP
  • And tips to produce great interactive reports

GIF of CEO and Dag Eirik Clausen of KLP discussing


We had three speakers in the webinar and were fortunate to have one of our super-users and founding clients, Dag Eirik Clausen of KLP, speak about how KLP uses Wrepit in their financial reporting, and how their workflow is organized and scheduled.

Since most of our current clients are based in Norway, we decided to present in Norwegian.

Watch the video below to hear about how Wrepit helps KLP effectivise their reporting.


“Making the reports is much faster - we use approximately 30% of the time compared to the time we used to spend in Indesign”

Andreas Orsten, CEO and founder of Wrepit, touched upon the frustrations of producing financial reports and our motivations to make reporting more manageable and enjoyable. He also presented and demonstrated our new Microsoft Word add-in; Excel2Word – which you can get online from Microsoft AppSource.

We ran into some technical issues when recording the webinar, so we took that opportunity to produce and upload a walkthrough in english of how our new add-in works. You can find the video below.


Our final speaker and in-house UX Design lead, David Chong, spoke about easy effective engagement. He presented insights from secondary research and how to structure engaging financial reports. You can read more about our top tips for financial reporting on our website:

We will continue to help build and support the financial reporting community through webinars, seminars, and articles. As always, we appreciate the open conversations with clients on how to better our product and make financial reporting even easier.


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