Read below for frequently asked questions regarding security in the Wrepit software solution, including your reports, our portal and our add-ins for MS Word. You can also read our comprehensive security guide.

Where is data stored?

When you work in Microsoft (MS) Word and with our MS Word add-ins (integrations), all you data is stored in your own computers and/or MS 365 accounts. This includes all file data and authentication data. The location of this data is decided by your MS 365 setup.

When you upload your document for processing in the Wrepit portal, data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in Auth0 for authentication purposes. The location of this data is in EU servers for GDPR compliance.

How is the primary data encrypted?

Data in transit is secure using HTTPS/TLS.

Wrepit uses Amazon S3 and Amazon Aurora for data storage and leverages their respective built-in features for encryption at rest. Auth0 applies both at-rest and in-transit encryption.

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When I upload a document to the Wrepit portal, is it automatically published?

No, it enters "draft mode", and you have absolute control over confidentiality and when to publish.

Who has access to the infrastructure, hardware, software, and data?

No one in Wrepit has access to your MS 365 tenants, or any data you create or interact with in MS Word when using our add-ins for MS Word.

Only select, credentialed employees have access to data stored in Wrepit controlled servers.

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Is there a comprehensive guide to Wrepit security?

How are the Word add-ins secured?

Wrepit add-ins operate within the sandboxed browser environment inside Microsoft Word. Thus they have access to read and modify the data in the Word document.

To be transparent, Wrepit has built the add-ins as Single-Page Applications (SPA), running inside the sandboxed browser. The reason for designing the add-ins this way is to maintain data transparency: Wrepit could never collect data to any servers without leaving traces in the browser network tab. This supports our pledge that no data should ever leave the Microsoft Word environment.

The Excel2Word by Wrepit add-in in addition uses Microsoft Graph, and requires a minimal set of permissions to function. Read more about MS Graph permissions.

Read more about security for our add-ins.


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