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How to get Wrepit?


Currently accepting beta customers. Contact us for a demo.
Have you written a report using MS Word? Want it published online?

Even though Wrepit is not yet ready for general availability, your company can become an exclusive early publisher.

Got a .docx file already?

Attach it to the email, and the demo process can be even faster!

Do you deliver your work as written reports?


Not really, but I have read a few..

Chances are you deliver PDF reports. They look OK on paper and computers:

laptop pdf

Did you ever read PDFs on your phone?

Here's how PDFs normally look on your phone

Mobile email will account for 22 to 77% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type.
eMailmonday– “the Ultimate mobile email stats” (2018)

Most PDFs aren't scaled for mobile phones.

mobile pdf

Ugh, I guess your readers must have superman vision!

What can I do about it?

You can publish your report online with Wrepit!

laptop wrepit
Happy face

So my report is online, like a web page. Awesome!

But you said it works on my phone?

On your phone - on any device!

mobile wrepit

Readability on all devices

Actually, a Wrepit report automatically scales to any device: Big screens, laptops, mobile phones, even tablets!

Awesome! How can I get it?

Show me more!

Wrepit publishes your reports online.

laptop wrepit

No programming is needed! You just write your report with Microsoft Word.

Wrepit transforms your docx to a web report.

Wrepit transforms your .docx into a web report.

Wow, does that work on all .docx files?

The only requirement is that you use section headings:

Wrepit requires section headings.

Doing that ensures logical sectioning of your report. Actually, section headings are what allow you to create a Table of Contents (TOC) in Word.

Logical TOC = logical sectioning in Wrepit.

That's easy! I don't need to do anything else?

You write in Word - Wrepit publishes to web!

Wrepit navigation

Super easy web publishing

As long as you know how to write in Microsoft Word, you don't need to learn any other tools - Wrepit handles the rest!

Awesome! How can I get it?

Show me more!

Written reports often contain charts.

A bar chart in a Word document

The numbers in the chart are probably of interest to the reader.

Let's read a PDF chart

Reading values from a PDF chart is cumbersome - both on paper and on screen.

Example: Reading a PDF chart's values is cumbersome

Yet it should not have to be cumbersome... After all, you entered the data when you created the chart. The data exists, it's just not available to the reader...

How does Wrepit handle it?

Wrepit: Interactive charts!

Example: Wrepit offers interactive charts.

Charts are interactive

Create a chart in Word, and expect that chart to be interactive with Wrepit. Click or hover the chart to read more information.

Great! How can I get it?

Show me more!

Sometimes, you'll want to compare elements in your report, e.g. charts.

No problem - Word allows you to create a reference.

Adding a reference in Word

Well, it looks adequate in a PDF:

Following a reference in a PDF

It's clear to the readers that they now need to scroll back up to Figure 2 to compare it with Figure 4...

Wait ... what did the other figure show?

The reader needs to scroll up and down to be able to compare the figures.

Scrolling up and down a PDF to compare two figures.

Ugh, that's really annoying ...

Is there a better way?

Sure, with Wrepit there's a better way!

Easily follow references in Wrepit.
Happy face

The Wrepit Workspace immediately helps the reader compare!

Awesome! What about on mobile?

Wrepit Workspace scales to any device!

Wrepit workspace comparison on a mobile phone.

Reading is interactive

Actually, your readers have the option to send any Wrepit report object to the Wrepit Workspace. Be it figures, pictures, tables or paragraphs!

Awesome! How can I get it?

Show me more!