«Replace the PDF»

That is our mission.

We design and build Wrepit, and we work hard every day to make sure publishing great content digitally is super easy. Customer satisfaction is essential for us to reach the goal of replacing the PDF as the preferred solution globally when publishing written reports.

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Andreas Orsten

Andreas is founder and CEO at Wrepit. He is a passionate computer nerd working hard to meet customer needs.

+47 95 93 52 57 andreas@wrepit.no

Eirik Eisinger

Eirik is co-founder and CPO at Wrepit. He loves tweaking the details for the optimal user experience.

+47 47 01 50 57 eirik@wrepit.no

Erik Simonsen

Erik is CTO at Wrepit. He’s an excellent software developer and devoted champion for universal design.

+47 97 77 72 21 erik@wrepit.no

Stig Johan Berggren

Stig is our lead data scientist. Combined with his linguistics knowledge, he’s the perfect fit for Wrepit.

+47 91 79 54 89 stig@wrepit.no

Lasse Thomassen

Lasse works on sales and SEO at Wrepit. He’s enthusiastic and has an astounding social capacity.

+47 94 79 45 61 lasse@wrepit.no