Customer case: Argentum

Close up mockup of one of Argentum's market report covers


Argentum is a specialized asset manager within private equity, investing on behalf of the Norwegian state and professional investors, including pension funds, foundations and family offices. Since its inception, Argentum has invested over 1.9 bn EUR in more than 200 funds and over 1000 companies, delivering significant returns.

Argentum's position has made them a thought leader within the private equity scene, and they use Wrepit for

  • Market analyses
  • Annual reports
  • ESG reports

Clean, professional reports

Argentum gives its audience and stakeholders great content and market research. To be a thought-leader within their field, they needed a professional way to publish their reports and analyses. That meant moving away from the PDF and finding a format which:

1. Presented their report productions in a branded and clean format

2. Had a minimal learning curve involving few changes in their current writing process

Using Wrepit is Effective and Easy

When Christoffer first found Wrepit, Argentum had the ambition of publishing three professional reports per year, believing that the company was limited by time and budget. In his first year using Wrepit, Argentum published twelve reports. "Time-to-market with Wrepit is very fast, and because it is a software subscription, the cost is 10% of the cheapest alternatives", Christoffer says. "We have also cut all our costs relating to producing physical reports. With Wrepit, the transition from Word and Excel is smooth. It's awesome that we get such professional results, even though we write everything in Word."

"Time-to-market with Wrepit is very fast, and because it is a software subscription, the cost is 10% of the cheapest alternatives"

Engaging annual report

Christoffer and Argentum have also used Wrepit for their annual report. Corporate reports are stuffed with financial tables, and Argentum's annual report is no exception. "Traditionally, the design job of an annual report consists largely of moving financial tables from Excel and designing them in the final report, be it in Word, InDesign or some other tool," explains Andreas Orsten, CEO of Wrepit, and continues: "This is a process which is both boring and very time consuming, which is why many companies choose to pay designers to do the work for them - on a per-report basis. With Wrepit, this process is lean and automated."


Automation can often lead to dull presentations, but Christoffer says:
"I have had feedback from both internal and external users that our Wrepit reports are more engaging to read and easier to navigate than the old PDF format, especially when they use their phone."


Check out Argentum's annual report here:


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