IFRS, what it is and it's benefits?

Wrepit offers an easy-to-use reporting tool and a highly effective Excel2Word by Wrepit Microsoft add-in for companies using IFRS accounting standards.


IFRS, or the International Financial Reporting Standard, is a set of accounting standards that helps companies prepare financial statements that are more understandable and useful to those who need to use them. With over 140 countries including Norway using IFRS, it has become an essential tool for companies to comply with the accounting standards accepted globally. The goal of IFRS is to create financial statements that are transparent, comparable, and of high quality, which helps to promote investment and economic growth.

One of the primary advantages of IFRS is its ability to promote transparency and comparability in financial reporting. By providing a set of accounting standards that are widely accepted and used, IFRS helps ensure consistency and comparability in financial statements across borders. This makes it easier for investors and stakeholders to evaluate companies and make informed decisions about where to invest their resources. Additionally, IFRS reduces the costs and complexities of financial reporting and eliminates the need for companies to comply with multiple sets of accounting standards. This is especially beneficial for multinational companies that operate in multiple countries, as it provides them with a uniform standard to follow.

IFRS is designed to be flexible so that companies can choose accounting policies that make sense for them. It's focused on principles rather than rules, which means it's more concerned with the economic substance of transactions. This flexibility allows companies to choose the accounting policies that suit their specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, IFRS emphasizes the importance of substance over form, which ensures that transactions are recorded based on their economic substance rather than their legal form. This approach helps to prevent companies from manipulating their financial statements and provides stakeholders with a more accurate and complete picture of the company's financial performance.

IFRS covers a wide range of topics, including revenue recognition, financial instruments, leases, and income taxes. This comprehensive coverage of financial reporting standards ensures that companies comply with all relevant accounting requirements. However, this can also make the reporting process more complex, especially when it comes to the numerous tables required in IFRS reports, such as statements of financial positions, comprehensive income, changes in equity, and various cash flows.

This is where Wrepit comes in, providing an easy digital reporting tool bolstered by our highly effective "Excel2Word by Wrepit" Microsoft add-in. The add-in ensures that the workflow from various tables in Excel to Microsoft Word is seamless, making it easy to update tables and reducing friction between finance and communication departments. Once complete the MS Word file is uploaded into our portal, which outputs a beautiful online financial report and PDF. This eliminates the need for costly design by 3rd parties, saving both time and money.

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In conclusion, IFRS is an essential tool for companies that operate in multiple countries or seek to attract international investment. It promotes transparency, comparability, and accuracy in financial reporting, which is critical for making informed business decisions. Wrepit's easy reporting tool and Microsoft add-in make the IFRS reporting process even more efficient, reducing the workload and costs associated with compliance. With the help of Wrepit, companies can focus on their core business activities, confident that their financial statements meet the highest standards of transparency and quality.

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